Thursday, March 24, 2011

It Has Been A While...

This post will be a little scattered, but here it goes.

First, another great quote from Kiley.  We were driving home one afternoon after I picked her up from the babysitter.  She looked out the window and said, "You know, America is like a wild horse, free, just galloping like wind." 

Oh our little Snack...she always says that her favorite part of the day is citizenship...and we do live in "Patrick Henry Country" or at least that's what it says on the Welcome to Brookneal sign. 

And now, a not so great, but still funny, quote from Kiley.  She and Greg were using paper, rock, scissors to decide something...I can't remember what it was...but anyway, they do the paper, rock, scissors thing, and Kiley loses and exclaims, "Damn it!"  It just rolled right out of her mouth.  I think she picked it up from one of the Night at the Museum movies (yes, we know they are PG...but they are hilarious and somewhat historical). 

Last night Greg and I were "making dinner" (frozen pizza) and somehow I got to talking about things I regretted.  I won't bore or shock you with the list here, but here is kind of how the conversation went.

"You know, sometimes I think about the stupid things I did, and I am so sorry that I let my parents down or shamed them somehow.  But then, I get to thinking about it a little more, and I think, you know, I have never been arrested.  I have never been to jail.  Now, I'm not trying to compare myself to some of my siblings who may have been in that boat, I'm just saying..."

"Well you know honey, you did get "removed" from that Medieval Renaissance Convention." 

Awkward Silence.

"What?!  I didn't get removed...they just asked me to stop asking questions.  It wasn't my fault, the girl didn't know what she was talking about, and she couldn't answer my questions.  She was embarrassed, I guess."

"So, you got kicked out of an English convention."

"No, I didn't get kicked out, and I wasn't even asked to leave."

"But you did leave."

"Well, yes, after she was done, and after I  had finished my questions. I was on a panel, I had to finish."

"But you only stopped asking questions because the moderator asked you to..."

"Okay, yes.  So at an extremely nerdy event which celebrates obscure authors and showcases nerds and their strange papers (which, of course, I willingly attended), I was asked to stop questioning the presenter.  And it wasn't like they flashed a giant red light and said "Whoa, whoa, whoa...shut up."  My nice advisor politely took me aside and told me to give the girl a break."

"So you did give her a break, but only after you were asked to."

"Oh well.  If that was the worst mistake I made in my life, then well, I deserve an award."


Of course, it wasn't the worst mistake I ever made, but still, I have never been arrested.