Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm Losing It!!!!!!

This post is meant for my husband and my doctors to look back at in five or ten years and say, “Yep, she was losing it back then.”

1. Forgetting to schedule Marianna’s two year old well baby checkup until after, that is like three months past when she turned two. Mother of the Year Award!

2. Standing in front of the microwave this morning after I put my coffee in and then all of the sudden not realizing why I was standing there…maybe I should have had a sip of coffee prior to attempting to microwave it?

3. Deciding kind of at the last minute to make brownies for all of my students and all of Greg’s students…so like over 100 brownies. I only have one 9 X 13 pan!!!! Do you know how long that took?????

4. Baking cookies for Kiley’s teachers….everyone knows that teachers do not eat those baked goodies that you bring them unless they have been to your house and viewed your health department rating. Why on earth didn’t I just buy them all cute little hand sanitizer thingys????? There’s always next year.

5. Another Mother of the Year Award….A few nights ago, Marianna was kind of sick, so she ended up in our bed. After I had been punched in the face, elbowed in the eye, and generally just beaten up, I got up and went to the couch. I DID push my pillow over so Marianna wouldn’t fall out of the bed. Well, she went right up to my pillow and pushed it off the bed and then over she went. I felt like a great big pile of something. Sigh.

Our Christmas Break

Christmas time’s a comin’, Christmas time’s a comin’…and I’m not ready. This year, Christmas has just snuck right up on me. I just finished (I think) ordering the last few things from the North Pole (a.k.a Amazon). Speaking of Amazon…our basement is sort of cluttered with Amazon boxes, and I don’t really know what is in them. I had a list that I went by when I was shopping, but you know how they ship things in multiple boxes? I need to go down there tonight and figure out what I bought. I have not set one toe inside an actual store for Christmas shopping this year. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. But me and the internet? Yep, that is the way to go.

So, the state of the house…we do have a Christmas tree, and it is giant and it sort of leans to the right a little bit. The porch has lights, and we have never done that before (go us!). The crèche has not made it out yet….right now there is a Playmobile Advent calendar in its place. Not exactly religious, either…it is Santa’s Workshop. Maybe I can get the actual crèche up in time for the Kings to appear on Epiphany.

Kiley and Marianna are at the perfect age to drive around a look at Christmas lights. Every time we come up on a house that is decorated, Marianna says, “Ohhhhhh! Yay!” and then claps. Very cute.

Greg will be staying home wrapping presents and attempting to unearth our house while I am in Leesburg with the girls…then Christmas at home…then to Greg’s parents’ house for after Christmas festivities. I guess my to-do list for Christmas break will have to be squeezed in to the two or three days we will actually be at home.