Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Wild Easter Ride

Easter was a little crazy at the Mullins household.  We decided to make pancakes for breakfast, and when Kiley turned them down, we should have known something was up.  She didn't start throwing up until we were all dressed, in the car, and headed to church.  Of course, I hoped it was just her semi-usual car sickness and we plowed on.  After the the fourth or fifth time (I lost count) of stopping on the side of the road so she could throw up more, I kind of realized that it wasn't just car sickness.  I made it to church long enough to ask someone to cover the nursery because it was our day to do that, and then we went home...stopping along the way to let Kiley puke.  As if the day wasn't exciting enough, this is what we came home to...

Now, at first glance, this doesn't look all that abnormal...except the field that the cows are in is OUR front field, and we don't own any cows.

Hello cow!
Um, are you enjoying yourself?
 Now, a quick call to our wonderful neighbors solved this little problem, and of course, we really don't mind when this happens.  The girls thought it was great fun to watch the neighbors herd the cows back to where they belonged, and hey, it is free fertilizer, right?

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