Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Summer of So Much to Do

The year after Greg and I were married, we drove up to Boston to visit my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents.  We then headed further north for some time at the house on the lake, and to visit more aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Somehow, we stayed married through that road trip and family meet ‘n greet.  When we made it to Maine and to my aunt and uncle’s house, my aunt Anita proudly showed off the freshly stained deck.  I think it was my cousin Hannah who chimed in, “She did that the first day of summer vacation.”  Anita was a teacher at the time, and I’m guessing like other teachers out there, wanted to take advantage of her “free time” to do some things around the house.  Well, I’m going to try to channel her energy and motivation and get a whole lot done this summer. 

First of all, this will be the first summer that I have not worked.  In the past, I have conducted workshops, taught college classes, and helped direct the Summer Institute for teachers at UVa-Wise.  Last year at Longwood, I technically had a month off, but during that time I taught a summer class…soooo…wonder what I’m going to do this year with all my “free time”?  Glad you asked.

I have big expectations for the next two and a half months.  I’m hoping for transformations in the house, out of the house, and especially in the weight department (as I sit here eating my salad…yuck).  I’m going to post my to-do list in hopes that it will keep me honest.  It will be like I have a constant reminder floating around of what I’m supposed to be doing.  So, here goes…


1.  paint lattice in front of house
2.  weed and clean up herb garden
3.  weed and clean up area around wishing well
4.  paint bird feeder post
5.  paint porch swing
6.  touch up paint on front porch
Outside-Greg (oh, and he doesn’t know about this list yet…)

1.  weed whack along fence line
2.  pull up metal posts, weed whack area
3.  put in fence posts (as many as possible…starting with back yard)
4.  plant butterfly bush and tree seedlings

1.  paint trim
2.  paint new doors and hang them
3.  organize linen closets
4.  organize pots and pans
5.  organize baking cabinet (actually, probably just need to get rid of that cabinet altogether)
6.  organize cabinets above washer and dryer
8.  paint Mari’s bed
9.  fix handles on Mari’s dresser
10.  paint coffee table

Inside-Greg (again…he doesn’t know this is coming)

1.  replace light fixtures
2.  replace mirror in girlie bathroom
3.  fix kitchen sink faucet
4.  replace bathroom faucets
5.  set up sewing table downstairs
6.  put the rug in the office where it belongs
7.  shorten bench, sand edges
8.  make coffee table smaller

You are probably thinking that I have lost my mind, and maybe I have.  Oh wait a minute...I think my mind left me a long time ago.   I am hoping that this list keeps me busy and keeps me out of the kitchen.  We’ll see, and I’ll be sure to post updates!

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